Sunday, August 2, 2009

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I’ve been a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers ever since there was a player on the roster that gave any native Ohioan a spark of hope. Hope that would someday lead the Northeastern Ohio team to victory, and we wouldn’t be the unlucky state for professional sports anymore. With the addition of “King James” to the Cleveland cavaliers, there has been an overwhelmingly amount of support, including myself from all parts of Ohio and everywhere else around the country. Lebron James is one of the best professional basketball players around, and with Shaquille O’Neal on the team; it seems a championship ring is due for our beloved King James and the Cavs.
I’ve been wondering if anyone else has been wondering about this years’ line-up for the Cleveland Cavaliers as I have. I’ve been asking myself why I think it’s a bad idea when I know that this is 2nd best thing that has happened to Cleveland since Lebron. Is it that Shaquille is a “seasoned” player and may not be as goo d as he used to be? Is it that he has had well-publicized surgeries done in the past, making him vulnerable to more injury?
I can’t take away from the wonderful idea of Lebron and a younger Shaq side-by-side, making beautiful music on the court. That image inspires me to new heights. There would be no NBA tor pro basketball team in the world that could stop the two. Of course the other three players could help out a pass or two.
I’m sure this year is Cleveland’s year for winning a championship ring and I should be grateful for that. Any help should be appreciated because there is only so much a giant, a gladiator, a titan can do. The fact is that Shaq isn’t getting any younger is what has got me wondering, but he has been “beasty” at one time too. Keep up the good work, Shaq!


  1. I had heard the rumors about Shaq coming to the Cavs but didn't believe it. My mother and nephews are huge Cavs fans and they thought this year was the year that they would finally bring home a championship. To say they were disappointed was a understatement. I think Shaquille the celebrity will bring fans to the games, but Shaquille the player is old and injured. I don't know why Cleveland can't build a team around Lebron. In my opinion, they should have given Carlos Boozer the money he was asking for and maybe they could've competed against Orlando. I've heard that Boozer wants to take a pay cut to come back to Cleveland. I hope for the fans sake that Shaq has a good year.

  2. Shaveh, it is interesting to find your artile concerning the cavs. I was expecting the soldier article. Maybe I am mistaken. Either way, I agree that Shaq is getting pretty old and injured. Hopefully his stardom will help the Cavs finance a newer fresher power player in the near future. After all, they only have Lebron for a short time. If they can't get him a title he will without a doubt go elsewhere and Cleveland will once again just be a bump in the road for basketball seasons.

  3. I am a huge Cavs Fan! I used to live in Coshocton, OH so we went to about five Cavs game per season. My girls even got to dance there at halftime! Anyway, about your posting I think Lebron and Shaq will be unstopable! Shaq may be getting old, but Lebron will bring out his competitive side, and they will make an awesome team! This is just what the Cavs needed- they will be the champs this next season! Go Cavs!

  4. I enjoyed your article on the Cavs! I think Shaq will be a great addition to the Cavs, a good fit... King James will not have to do all of the work next session! You did a great job on your article analysis! Go Cavs!